Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Buffale News, NY State of Health, Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, enrollment

*11/13/13 front page above the fold:

48,000 Enroll in State Health Exchange
number of applications for insurance are on target

New York ACA tallies:
  48,162  ACA exchange enrollees
- 23,653  new Medicaid enrollees  (reported in paragraph 24 of the article)
  24,509  new paying enrollees  (calculated using article figures)
-137,000  cancellations of private insurance policies  (not reported in article)
-112,491  change in # of NYers paying for private health insurance

+ 23,653  new Medicaid enrollees
- 88,838  change in # of NYers with health insurance coverage

[HHS report:  All state exchanges (including NY's) account for 79,391 enrollees]

*11/15/2013 front page above the fold:

Obama acts on letting health plans be restored
Wants states to resolve problem of cancellations

*11/26/2013 section B page 6:

   41,021  new private insurance enrollees

   35,156  new Medicaid enrollees

*2/10/2014 New York State of Health press release:

Enrollment of New Yorkers on NY State of Health Tops 412,000
[the 412,221 enrollments include public and private coverage --- 251,000 are private plans]

66 percent of enrolled New Yorkers were uninsured when they applied

Nearly 70 percent of those who have enrolled thus far have qualified for financial assistance to help pay for their coverage