Monday, May 13, 2013

The Buffalo News, front page headlines, scandals, Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, May 2013

[Bold shows center, above the fold]

--- News breaks of IRS targeting Conservative groups.
--- WH press briefing, Jay Carney deluged with Benghazi and IRS questions.

Mother's Day weekend
--- Benghazi and IRS questions dominate all network news programs.

5/13/2013 - The Buffalo News A1 headlines:
-After surgery, he's Reed thin
-Bill would reform oversight of charities
-No easy answers on Gitmo stalemate
-Diversity lacking in attorneys who argue before high court
First mention of either topic - Page A5:
-Diplomat absolves Clinton in Libya flap

--- Obama responds to Benghazi and IRS scandals at presser
--- News breaks of DOJ tapping phones of AP reporters.

5/14/2013 - The Buffalo News A1 headlines:
-What to do with a dinosaur 80 feet high?
-Abortion doctor found guilty of murder
-Rates, choices down in new health plans
-Orphaned polar bear cub to have home in Buffalo
-O.J. in court

--- IRS scandal expands in scope 
--- AG doubles down on DOJ phone taps

5/15/2013 - The Buffalo News A1 headlines:
-Mass email breaches the privacy of patients
-Angelina's choice
-Proposal to lower DWI limit stirs debate
-Russia expels U.S. diplomat accused of espionage

--- AG Holder Congressional testimony on wiretaps
--- WH releases 94 Benghazi emails, previous claims contradicted, 67 hour gap
--- POTUS White House statement on IRS scandal

5/16/2013 -  The Buffalo News A1 front page:
-A playmate for Luna / The zoo's latest attraction (7'x7' photo polar cub)
-Border fee study hits dead end in House committee
-Reports rip Silver over Lopez prode
-Acting IRS commissioner resigns
-Dominican wins 10-year battle for U.S. citizenship

--- POTUS from Rose Garden will not answer if he knew about IRS illegal activity
--- POTUS from Rose Garden supports DOJ actions against AP
--- IRS official in charge of target list now heads IRS Obamacare office

5/17/2013 - The Buffalo News front page:
-Sheriff on SAFE Act: 'I won't enforce it'
-Falls businessman accused of trying to murder rival
-Bipartisan group in House reaches deal on immigration
-GOP senators target three Buffalonians