Friday, September 14, 2012

Updated cost per public school student in Buffalo, New York for 2010: $26,903

For 2010 it was thought to be $16,545...
Then, for 2010 it was revised up to  $22,063...**
Now, for 2010 the cost per pupil in Buffalo, NY is figured to have been $26,903.

The Buffalo, NY school district spent $26,903 per student in 2010, according to a recent study by the Center for Governmental Research in Rochester.
The study calculated spending per student by dividing total district expenditures by total district enrollment, two figures that were pulled from federal Census of Governments data that was recently released.
In 2010, Buffalo reported 32,607 students attending district schools.
If Buffalo's total spending were divided by the number of district and charter school students, the cost per student would work out to $22,663, according to Barbara J. Smith, the Buffalo Public Schools' chief financial officer.
Gardner said another major reason for the discrepancy in per-student spending between the two districts was the debt payments associated with Buffalo's Joint Schools Reconstruction Project.
Smith noted that when the district analyzed its general fund spending for 2010, it found that costs per student were $16,545.
That included $1,457 per student to cover retiree health insurance, she said.
That district analysis did not include about $140 million in grant revenues that the district spent in addition to its general fund.
That would account for an additional $4,000 per student.

**Early estimates suggest that Buffalo, NY spends $22,063 per student when the district's school budget is divided by the number of enrolled students...
Buffalo officials say that the city schools providing health insurance to retirees now exceeds current employee health insurance...
At more than $60,000,000 a year, retiree's health care costs tax payers more than $1,600 per student...
Despite the city's falling student enrollment, the Buffalo Public School budget is now 40% bigger than it was six years ago.