Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Would Barack Obama have been born if his mother had access to government contraception?

Nothing says failed Liberal economic policies like the postulate that public contraception is cheaper than welfare babies.
The Liberals, citing that children on government assistance cost too much money, have endorsed an idea: keep them from being born.
As Conservatives focus on inducing the welfare recipient to produce, the Liberals focus their energies on coaxing the recipient to stop reproducing.
Imagine Margaret Sanger as Health and Human Services Secretary.
If you believe that pregnancy is a disease afflicting the entitlement society, are there specific demographic pockets that should be treated before others?
Are poor female babies more expensive than poor male babies?
Is less life the only cure to poverty?
Snuffing out humanity is not a sound economic remedy... nor, in the case of Barack Obama's birth, a remedy for social injustice.