Friday, March 30, 2012

Toure, Skittles, Trayvon, fairness

Trayvon Martin protesters are buying Skittles as a way to memorialize his death while marching...
MSNBC's Toure feels that this is unjust.
From Toure's Twitter feed:
-we're buying Skittles at an increased rate to memorialize Trayvon thus... enriching them.
-Should Skittles & parent company Wrigley's get to profit from our protest wo a demand that much of that is donated someplace productive? No.
-Why should Skittles win bc they're associated w protest if they don't do anything to directly & materially help the Martins or the struggle?
-It's irrelevant that Skittles didn't ask us to buy. Should they profit over accidental association with a tragedy?
-Execs at Skittles know they're in a sensitive spot bc they're profiting from what's essentially blood money.
-I don't see bad press for Skittles, yet. We're buying it like a symbol of revolution not saying hey why should they profit?
-I'd like to see Skittles take some of their profit & donate to anti gun violence efforts or somesuch. That's fair.
-how is it even fair to assume martins death had any bearing on profits?
Is there another violent crime cause célèbre that had a candy become part of it, enriching that company?
-This is obviously not the central issue but Skittles' profiteering thanks to us buying it bc of Trayvon obviates some financial donation.

Toure is acting the part of a Level IV Liberal...

Nobody is forcing people to buy Skittles in honor of Trayvon, but to Toure that does not matter.  He is angry at race relations and mad at a company that has increased their profits, albeit indirectly, because of it.  Toure's obstreperous reaction: Hey that's not fair!