Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rod Watson, Buffalo News: GOP's Ethnic Cleansing

Rod Watson article in the Buffalo News 2/2/2012:
GOP’s ethnic cleansing is a political ebb
As if the Republican presidential candidates weren’t providing enough evidence of the party’s disdain for black voters, State Senate gerrymander artists have made the sentiment in Western New York as clear as lines on a map.
The coded messages of the party’s national candidates: whites only.
Instead of [competing] for black voters, party leaders simply got rid of them.
[T]he GOP sends the message that it doesn’t want [blacks] at all.
[S]tate GOP is reinforcing the message with political ethnic cleansing.
Beyond simply telling blacks that it doesn’t want to compete for their votes... the state GOP’s ploy [compares] to those of Southern states enacting new voter ID restrictions.
[T]he method is different, but the strategy is the same... That strategy seems to be abandoning any effort to appeal to blacks, considering African-American voters useful only for one thing: scaring white voters.

Mr. Watson,
Your allegation of racism exhibits intellectual laziness.
Your perception of code words indicates clinical paranoia.
Your accusation of ethnic cleansing demonstrates historical illiteracy.
Your recrimination of principals bemoans impotent cowardice.
Your exaggeration of skin color illustrates ironic myopia.