Friday, September 23, 2011

Reasons why "we" should Tax the Rich...

We should Tax the Rich more because...
it is fair.
it feels right.
it is patriotic.
giving is good.
of social justice.
they can afford it.
it stimulates demand.
monetary greed is evil.
it is an issue of fairness.
it will balance the budget.
the rich are too powerful.
the income gap is growing.
wealth is a zero sum entity.
it will level the playing field.
to fund the social safety net.
services need to be paid for.
nobody got rich on their own.
free market forces have failed.
they should pay their fair shair.
it is their patriotic duty to do so.
this is what democracy looks like.
there are flaws inherent in the system.
there is enough money for everybody.
supply side economics does not work.
it will help pay for universal healthcare.
they should sacrifice for the greater good.
at some point you have made enough money.
there are rich people who want to be taxed more.
a well funded infrastructure benefits the rich the most.
we should spread the wealth around to the less fortunate.
our social contract has enabled the rich to acquire their wealth.
the government knows best how to distribute wealth and services.
wealth needs to be redistributed to compensate for wrongs of the past.
wealth can neither be created not destroyed, only appropriated.
the rich are only rich because of government services.
if left unchecked the rich will create a plutocracy.
if left unchecked the rich will create an oligarchy.
if left unchecked the rich will create a plutarchy.
current income demographics show racism.
fortunes are inherited by the undeserving.
corporations do not care about people.
altruistim is a basic moral principle.
corporate greed must be stopped.
capitalism is failed philosophy.
outcomes must be equalized.
they spoil the environement.
ambition must be policed.
capitalism eats their own.
I am an Entitlementarian.
I am a modern Liberal.
I am a Progressive.
I am a Socialist.
I am a Unionist.
I am a Leftist.
I am a Marxist.
I am a Communist.
I am a class warfare warrior.
achievement is based on luck.
the rich have taken from the poor.
corporations are criminal enterprises.
Wall Street greed is destroying Main Street.
I want to punish the Haves on behalf of the Have Nots.
I am jealous of those who have more money than I do.
if we do not there will be a violent revolution.
I do not understand economics.
my bumper sticker says so.
bankers are blood suckers.
it is what Jesus would do.
not doing so is racist.
of emotive reflexes.
celebreties say so.
I am angry.
I want.
I hate.