Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NY Senator Schumer's Solution to Bullying: A Federally Funded, Specially Trained Government Counselor in Every American School

Standing on the football field at Maryvale High School [Cheektowaga, NY] Tuesday, Senator Chuck Schumer talked about a plan he says would put a counselor, specially trained in dealing with kids who've been bullied, in every American school.
He says it's especially important given the online bulling that goes on now, as happened in the Jamey Rodemeyer case.
"It sets up a rule that says a school has to have somebody that's trained who that if you feel bullied you can go to in confidence," said Schumer.
But New York's senior Senator also knows that school districts have dwindling resources. The bill would fund the positions.
"Better to have someone in Jamey's situation have someone to turn to," says Schumer. "Right now, with all the cuts backs in our schools, it would be helpful for districts to have someone in this position, and to get a little financial help for each district as well. It could save a lot of lives."
Schumer says that at least 30 senators, both Democrats and Republican, have signed onto the bill, giving it a wide base of support that should help it pass.

How many schools are there in America?
How many "specially trained" counselors would be needed?
How much would it cost to specially train a bullying counselor?
How much would it cost to put specially trained bullying counselor in every American school?