Tuesday, September 20, 2011

LightSquared, Obama, media timeline...

03/07/2007 --- New York Times:  In '05 Investing, Obama Took Same Path as Donors
03/08/2007 --- USA Today:  Obama Faces Questions on His Investments

07/19/2011 --- HuffPo:  Politically-connected LightSquared wins approval for wireless Internet plan despite GPS disruption concerns
09/15/2011 --- Daily Beast:  Did White House Pressure for a Donor
09/19/2011 --- FOX News:  Billionaire Donor Disputes Charge That Company Sought White House Help to Influence Testimony
09/19/2011 --- Daily Beast:  White House's Testimony "Guidance"
09/23/2011 --- Minnesota State News:  LightSquared Controversy in Washington Plays Out Under the Radar in Minnesota
09/27/2011 --- The Hill:  Lightsquared doubles size of its lobbying team in 2011
12/07/2011 --- Bloomberg:  LightSquared Says Tests Shows GPS Devices Work With Network
12/10/2011 --- Wall Street Journal:  SEC Puts Falcone, Harbinger in Its Sights
12/13/2011 --- Bloomberg:  LightSquared Said to Disrupt 75% of GPS in Tests
12/15/2011 --- HotAir:  Grassley:  I'm not backing down on FCC holds until I get the LightSquared documents

01/13/2012 --- Forbes:  Advisory Board Says LightSquared Can't Coexist With GPS
01/23/2012 --- HotAir:  In push for FCC exemption LightSquared offered political inducements to Sen. Grassley
02/14/2012 --- National Journal:  FCC Blocks LightSquared's Proposed Network
02/14/2012 --- The Hill:  FCC moves to kill LightSquared over GPS interference concerns
02/14/2012 --- Washington Post:  FCC to pull plug on Falcone’s LightSquared
02/21/2012 --- Daily Caller:  Documents: LightSquared shaping up as the FCC's Solyndra
02/22/2012 --- Daily Caller:  Documents: Obama’s FCC used regulatory muscle to destroy LightSquared’s competition
02/24/2012 --- Daily Caller:  LightSquared CEO made curious max donation to DNC while seeking White House audience
02/28/2012 --- Daily Caller:  LightSquared CEO resigns amid revelations of company’s proximity to Obama White House
02/28/2012 --- National Journal:  LightSquared CEO Resigns After US Torpedoes Network
03/16/2012 --- Reuters:  Sprint quits Lightsquared
05/14/2012 --- Bloomberg:  LightSquared Files Bankruptcy After Network Blocked