Sunday, July 10, 2011

Operation Castaway... facts & media timeline

09/21/2010 --- US Department of Justice press release for Operation Castaway. 
09/22/2010 --- ATF news release for Operation Castaway.
11/29/2010 --- Borderland Beat reports on the cooperation between Honduras M-13 members and Mexican drug cartels.
04/13/2011 --- In Sight Crime reports that Mexican drug cartels have expanded into Honduras.
07/06/2011 --- and Sipsey Street Irregulars report that Tampa ATF agents were directed to walk guns to Honduras for MS-13 gang members in Operation Castaway.
07/07/2011 --- Sipsey Street Irregulars speculates as to why the ATF was ordered to walk guns into Honduras under Operation Castaway.
07/08/2011 --- Special Report w/ Bret Baier reports on ATF efforts to deliver guns from Tampa to Honduras' MS-13 gangs.
07/13/2011 --- Daily Caller reports that FL Rep. Bilirakis has sent formal letters to the DOJ, ATF, and ICE requesting information on their knowledge of Operation Castaway.
09/09/2012 --- El Tiempo: Armas que EE. UU. infiltró en la mafia aparecen en Medellín
09/30/2012 --- ABC News:  Weapons from Operation Castaway ended up in the hands of criminals inColombia, Honduras and Venezuela

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