Friday, June 17, 2011

Physician explains how Obamacare is forcing doctors out of private practice & into hospital organizations

RUSH: This is Marty in Louisville.
CALLER: Hey, Rush, listen, I'm a physician. I've been listening since around 1992.
RUSH: Thank you, sir.
CALLER: And you were talking about getting physicians out of private practice. All the incentives in Obamacare are to go towards a single payer and they formed something called an accountable care organization where the money is given to the hospital for the diagnosis. And the hospital distributes it, redistributes it to the physician. And the hospitals are in the process right now of forming these accountable care organizations --
RUSH: Accountable care, you're calling it?
CALLER: Right. Right. It [Obamacare] is gonna compel the physician to become an employee, basically, of the hospital and ultimately the government. You know, the dirty little secret here is they want to get rid of old school docs like me who are familiar with the private practice model --
RUSH: Exactly.
CALLER: -- and replace them with the post office mentality position.
RUSH: Exactly. Exactly.
CALLER: And that's exactly what it's all about, and it's not even voluntary because the physician is gonna be forced into a relationship with the hospital where he is gonna basically have to give up the private practice.
RUSH: Well, the story alludes to the fact that some doctors might not mind that because one of the benefits is that the hospital or whoever is gonna take over all the nightmares and headaches of the administrative aspects of their job.
CALLER: Yeah, they're also gonna tell them what they can and can't do.
RUSH: Yeah.
CALLER: And how to treat the patient.
RUSH: Already doing that.
CALLER: Yes. Well, the point is that that's exactly what they intend, and it's working. It's absolutely working.
RUSH: Okay, as a doctor in the system, why are these bureaucrats doing this? Do they really think that this is the ticket to better health care and cheaper health care, because anybody with common sense realizes this is a debacle.
CALLER: Listen, it's about control.
RUSH: Exactly right.
CALLER: They want control of the system. They want control of our lives.
RUSH: Exactly right.
CALLER: They want to change our whole relationship with the government.
RUSH: And they don't care whether it works or is efficient or not; they want the control.
CALLER: Listen, they are Democrats. There's no accountability. You know, it's ironically named an accountable care organization.
RUSH: Yeah.
CALLER: It's anything but accountable.
RUSH: Just like it's not the Affordable Care Act. It's everything but affordable.
CALLER: Correct.
RUSH: Well, I appreciate the call, Marty. What are you gonna do?
CALLER: I happen to be a plastic surgeon. So far I have an out because a lot of the things I do don't involve third-party payers.
RUSH: Oh, yeah.
CALLER: But, you know, I hope no one's listening because they'll figure out a way to tax me to death pretty soon.
RUSH: Yeah, we all have that fear.
RUSH: If not tax you, just take it.
CALLER: Yeah. And I think one of the underlying plans here is to begin to confiscate. You know, there's a possibility here, and I know this sounds a little outlandish, that they're gonna change the 401(k) rules to try to pay for the deficit to generate income.
RUSH: Yeah. Yeah, we've talked about that. What they essentially are going to do is offer you an exchange. They're going to get you to give up your 401(k), give you what they think is market value for it today --
RUSH: -- so they can take the money and then they're gonna guarantee you like two to three percent every year on it. It's a lose-lose proposition. It's nothing more than an end around to get their hands on your money now in violation of the original promise when the whole 401(k) was set up.
CALLER: Well, listen, this is why we must defeat Obama.
RUSH: I'll tell you something, Newt made a point in the debate. He said, if you're really serious about overturning health care, you can't stop with just beating Obama. You gotta defeat the Democrats that run the Senate. If you're gonna repeal it [Obamacare], you're going to defund it, you have to have control of the Senate as well. Even if you're not able to beat Obama, take control of the Senate, but the best is take control of everything. It's gonna take this election and many more to effectively start the process of rolling all this back. And we'll find out if that's what people really want. We have hope here that it is. We'll find out. Appreciate the call, Marty.