Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New York State gay marriage law allows couple to marry... for the fifth time & another for the eighth

The Buffalo News frontpage above the fold:
Longtime partners Madeline D. Davis and Wendy B. Smiley plan to get married next month.
For the fifth time.
They've been together for 17 years, and have had:
--- a religious wedding ceremony in Buffalo
--- a pagan ceremony in Cherry Creek
--- a civil union in Vermont
--- a legal wedding in Ontario.
Many gay couples have had multiple commitment or religious ceremonies. Davis and Smiley have considered themselves married since 1995, when they had a large ceremony in Temple Beth Zion.
But late in July, during the first week of New York's new gay marriage law, Davis and Smiley plan to have either a real wedding or a reconfirmation ceremony here when Smiley's family comes to town.

"I think people from all over the country will fly here," said Carol D. Speser, founder of Rainbow Spirit Rising. "This could be another way to draw people here. If Buffalo and Erie County were smart, they would reach out to people who want to move here, get married and pay taxes."

Kitty S. Lambert, president of OUTspoken for Equality and her partner, Cheryle L. Rudd, have been together for 12 years, and have been involved in seven such ceremonies, including one day in Maui when they were married on a black sand beach at dawn and a white sand beach on the opposite side of the island at sunset. "Without a sanction by the state, it's nothing," Lambert said. "It's kind of like we just live together. That $40 piece of paper is paramount to the safety of our family."