Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spending on Guns vs Butter vs Gravy: Iraq War vs Medicare vs Obama Stimulus

Congressional Budget Office Numbers:
Total spending on the Iraq War through 2010: $709 billion
Spending on Medicare, 2003 through 2010: $2,931.5 billion
Spending on Obama's stimulus, 2009 and 2010 only: $572 billion
Total spending on Obama's stimulus, 2009-2019: $814 billion

Obama's stimulus, passed in his first month in office, will cost more than the entire Iraq War -- more than $100 billion (15%) more.
Iraq War spending accounted for just 3.2% of all federal spending while it lasted.
Iraq War spending was not even one quarter of what we spent on Medicare in the same time frame.
The Iraq War accounts for less than 8% of the federal debt held by the public at the end of 2010 ($9.031 trillion).
During Bush's Iraq years, 2003-2008, the federal government spent more on education that it did on the Iraq War. (State and local governments spent about ten times more.)