Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cordoba House Blues

The 15 story $100,000,000 Cordoba Mosque is to be built 2 blocks from Ground Zero. Freedom of religion is a vital component of the American experience, however...other factors must be considered if believers of that religious faith are hostile to the American way of life and the rights of women.
Historical context is at play. The name Cordoba does not translate to a peaceful coexistence. Cordoba, Spain was the seat of the first caliphate that succeeded Mohammed after the 8th century Islamic invasion of Europe. That Cordoba Mosque was built on the foundation of a Christian cathedral.
As for those on the left that find a need to support this psychological depravity, it makes one wonder...
As Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains, there is the left then there is left of the left. The liberal left fears intolerance and thus has a legitimate point. Yet the fanatical left of US and Europe view our way of life as a danger. She finds this ironic realizing that if radical Muslims get their way these lefties would be the first to be killed.