Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 2009 by the Numbers

US Commander in Afghanistan Gen. McChrystal has spoken to the President 1 time.
Head of SEIU Andy Stern has met with officials at the White House an estimated 32 times.
43 US troops have died since Gen. McChrystal requested an additional 40,000 in Afghanistan.
Sept 21-25: MSNBC's Olbermann mentions Palin 56 times and the NYC terror plot 0 times.
Palin's Going Rogue is #1 on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles best seller list 7 weeks prior to release.
POTUS & FLOTUS fly 2 jumbo jets to Copenhagen to lobby for Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid.
NY Times reports that in 1977 a 44 year old Roman Polanslki drugged and raped a 13 year old girl.
In 1988 the White House's current Head of Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools advised a 15 year old student how to maintain a sexual relationship with an adult he met in a bus station bathroom.
OSU is receiving $1,150,000 in stimulus funds to study Alaskan Grandparents.
A 911 dispatcher takes a call for his own house on fire.